Shipping your luxury car is a sensitive undertaking. Often, owners frown on driving their precious wheels for long distances for several reasons. One of the critical reasons is privacy. Some rare cars stand out and readily attract unwanted attention. Owners prefer transport companies because professional transporters ensure a significantly lower or no risk of damage at all. Costly vehicles attract high repair costs when damaged, and nobody wants avoidable expenses.

Car Shipping Chicago has some of the most experienced drivers and transportation personnel in the United States. We ensure that all our clients get the service paid for and that they enjoy some peace of mind knowing that their prized assets are in safe hands.

After you contact us, we give you a quotation based on the distance, vehicle type, and the preferred transportation method. At this point, you may ask any questions and get as much information as possible regarding the shipment process. You may also ask for details on how to get the most out of our transport package.


Before your vehicle goes on the trailer, there are a few things you should check:

# Conduct general maintenance on your vehicle. Perform the necessary checks, such as the battery and antifreeze levels, along with tire pressure. Retract the aerial and ensure that your car has low fuel, preferably a quarter tank or less. Typically, a vehicle transported by ship has its tank drained, and the battery disconnected.

# You may now hand your keys to our driver. Many cars have custom features and interesting quirks, so pass this information to our personnel. Disable the alarm if possible, along with the roll on-roll of function for shipping convenience.

# Remove all personal items from the vehicle. Insurance doesn’t cover lost or damaged personal property in such situations. Check all compartments and ensure that you have everything out of the car.

# Confirm the extent of the available insurance before your car rolls onto the trailer. Considering that many vehicles have a significant number of add-ons, you may consider taking out uninsured gadgets before shipping.

This checklist ensures the seamless transportation of your prized asset with ease. Car Shipping Chicago goes the extra mile and ensures that all luxury cars get deserving treatment and are handled with utmost care.

Enclosed trailers offer some much-needed discretion. Some of our clients own unique or famous cars, and this cover provides the necessary privacy.

These trailers also keep your paint job safe from the elements during shipping and protection from projectiles and falling objects. This mode of transport best suits sports and exotic cars.

Car Shipping Chicago provides shipping services in all states, and our skilled personnel ensures that your luxury car gets to its destination on time and without a scratch.


Our personnel is among the best in the field, and you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands. We observe safety and all facets of good business ethics and ensure an excellent customer experience.
There are many upsides to having Car Shipping Chicago ship your luxury car, but these are the main ones.

# Multiple plans

We believe in flexibility. Our pricing considers all relevant factors and formulates an ideal strategy for each unique assignment.

# Affordable

Despite the high value of your luxury car, we offer incredibly competitive pricing and ensure that you don’t overpay for services rendered.

# Dependable

We appreciate all our customers and ensure that their precious assets remain safe during shipping

# Time-conscious

We strictly adhere to the set timelines. In honoring our contractual agreement, we carefully observe the agreed pickup and delivery dates and time.

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