You need shipping services when moving to another state, relocating your business fleet, or selling or buying a truck or SUV. Relatively large vehicles pose a unique challenge when relocating or moving a considerable distance away, considering their weight and their space. Car Shipping Chicago offers first-class door-to-door shipping for your vehicle.

Over the years, Car Shipping Chicago has helped individuals and businesses move heavy vehicles within and across state lines. We understand the protocol well, with a proper understanding of the governing regulations and state laws. Such knowledge greatly aids the speed with which we sort out paperwork, obtain the necessary permits, and avoid unnecessary delays.

Our skilled drivers ensure that your vehicle arrives on time and in perfect condition. That experience comes in handy when planning routes and plotting our travel schedules. We use every bit of information at our disposal to the advantage of our customers.
Regular movers lack that edge in vehicle shipping, and cannot guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your vehicle without any damage.


Moving different vehicles over different distances, calls for flexibility in the available plans. We establish a balance between quality service and affordability by offering tailor-made solutions to all our customers. We treat each contract as a unique task and formulate a proper pricing model that protects our customers from unnecessary costs. Car Shipping Chicago understands that too many expenses often prove deterrent and result in customers seeking alternative means. For this reason, we offer incredibly affordable pricing for vehicle shipping.

Compared to cars and motorcycles, SUVs and trucks present a unique challenge when it comes to long-distance shipping. When faced with such a task, we readily deliver your vehicle on time, without any damage, and at an affordable cost.

We understand that our customers expect the best service in vehicle shipping. As a company, we go the extra mile and ensure that we perform our contractual obligations with professionalism and zeal.


Car Shipping Chicago has time and again proven the ideal choice when moving your heavy vehicles over long distances. Below are the main reasons why you should partner with us for SUV and truck shipments.

# Reliability

Once you entrust us with the shipping of your personal or business vehicles, we do everything in a professional and timely manner. You can sit back and await your truck or SUV’s delivery with uninterrupted peace of mind as we handle all logistics and transportation processes on your behalf.

#Tracking & Updates

Just like luxury vehicles, SUVs and trucks are pricy machines. Owners will want periodic progress updates on the move. Our friendly personnel will give all the necessary information to our clients. This approach reassures our customers that everything is under control, and the shipping is going ahead as planned.

# Fast & On Time

We readily anticipate potential causes of unwanted delays and act proactively, thereby ensuring that all deliveries are on time. Our experienced drivers also use the best possible routes for quicker turnaround time. Timely delivery nurtures our customers’ confidence and is the chief reason we have such a high percentage of return clients.

# Safety

Without the proper equipment and skillset, moving heavy vehicles over long distances may result in damages and subsequently, costly repairs. Our process involves the inspection of vehicles before shipping, and at the set destination. We compare reports and ascertain that indeed our customer’s expensive machines arrived safely and on time.